Logistics company secures $41M in Series B funding

Tunisian startup Expensya raises US $ 1.10 million

Endeavor Catalyst Fund closes first $500,000 investment in Egypt

Abu Dhabi’s Mubadala commits $15bln to SoftBank Vision Fund

Favizone Wins Seedstars Tunis

Intelak Incubator startups are one step closer to reality

Taqadam announced the winners at the Saudi university startups program

Sihatech Wins ArabNet Startup Championship

Flat6Labs and Al Baraka Banking Group to support entrepreneurs

Facebook selects finalists for Bots for Messenger Challenge

Over 400 students in Girls Got IT in Tripoli

Abu Dhabi Masdar to test three solar energy systems

In other news:

Uber launches UberBoat in a partnership with Nile Taxi

Amazon’s Souq v Alabbar’s Noon: the Middle East’s e-commerce battle

Alabbar Acquires Large Stake in MEVP

Dubai launches world’s first Robocop

Electricity Ministry to contract with Siemens wind farms to lower KW tariff

Egyptian Company for Electricity Transmission starts collecting it’s third installment of “Cost Sharing” from solar ventures next month
(Translated title, Arabic, Egypt)

New SMB Worm Uses Seven NSA Hacking Tools. WannaCry Used Just Two

Almost all WannaCry victims were running Windows 7

Vault 7: CIA Co-Developed Athena Malware with US Cyber-Security Company

Net neutrality going down in flames as FCC votes to kill Title II rules

AMD Naples Zen Platform Makes ‘EPYC’ Debut For Data Center Market

State Senate trumps Austin’s ride-hailing regulations

French researchers find way to unlock WannaCry without ransom

Windows XP PCs infected by WCry can be decrypted without paying ransom

WikiLeaks Dump Reveals CIA Malware That Can Sabotage User Software

Apple Is Lobbying Against Your Right to Repair iPhones, New York State Records Confirm

New Battery Technology Draws Energy Directly From Human Body

Delta kiosk checks your face before you check your bag

Climate change is turning Antarctica green, say researchers

3D-printed ovaries allow infertile mice to give birth

Cisco to cut 1,100 more jobs amid a worse-than-expected business outlook

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is returning to the company


3 MENA Healthcare Startups Making a Difference

The importance of entrenching a culture of goal setting in your young company
(Presented by Performly)

Ransomware WannaCry causes fewer tears than feared

You can build your own LTE network over Wi-Fi frequencies. Well, not quite yet.

Stealing Windows credentials using Google Chrome

Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America

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