We’re back, with a twist…

We’re back!

And, we’re going to do things a little differently this time, as we work on better improving your experience.

First up, Regional news:

Wael Fakharani will be a keynote speaker at The Marketer Leagues event at the Intercontinental, City Stars in Cairo. This is set to take place on the 29th of this month (April).

Startup Watch: startup civil wars, rich Arabs, and Egypt’s illicit entrepreneurs

Accelerating entrepreneurship in Kuwait: small yet steady steps

Car app fight club in Egypt

Libyan entrepreneurship in the time of war [Opinion]

Bye-bye paper: Dubai kicks off a citywide blockchain-based payment platform

Private investors key to Saudi Arabia’s renewable energy plan

“Competition Protection” investigates “Uber”
(Arabic, Egypt)

In other news:

Microsoft is pushing Office 2016 users towards Office 365
(Ed: Everything will be on the cloud, eventually.)

Python power comes to SQL Server 2017
(Ed: And not a moment too soon.)

Wikileaks Friday: “Weeping Angel” By CIA, A Hacking Tool For Your Television

British power generation achieves first ever coal-free day

Apple appears to be interested in the satellite internet business

Samsung: We’ll Fix the Galaxy S8 Red Tint Issue with a Software Update

Your internet provider can’t pick which apps and services count against your data cap, says CRTC

Tesla recalls 53,000 Model S, Model X cars for stuck parking brakes
(Ed: When brakes break)

Google Home gains support for multiple users
(Ed: No more “Are you talking to me?”)

Airbnb fires back at hotel industry

File System Improvements to the Windows Subsystem for Linux

Physicists observe ‘negative mass’
(Ed: Even mass can be gloomy sometimes)

Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland

Sources: Nintendo to launch SNES mini this year

These Popular Headphones Spy on Users, Lawsuit Says

Baidu announces new open platform to help speed up the development of self-driving cars
(Ed: But Andrew Ng left them about a month ago)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Android Excellence In Performance And Design

User-Made Patch Lets Owners of Next-Gen CPUs Install Updates on Windows 7 & 8.1
(Ed: Hand gesture not included it seems)

Malaysia Airlines First to Track Fleet With Satellites

AMD Radeon RX 580 And RX 570 Mainstream GPU Review: High Performance Polaris


Steve Case explains why innovation can happen anywhere

The Biggest Time Suck at the Office Might Be Your Computer

95% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs, claims report
(Ed: No way!)

The Demise Of Tilt: A Bargain For Airbnb, A Classic Loss For Investors Like Andreessen Horowitz

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