Switch, App store prices up, Caffine, Renewables for Egypt, FDaaS?, ISIS mini-drones

Simplygon Triangle Optimization. Simplygon was recently acquired my Microsoft, expect this tech to show up in future games.

Game consoles:

  • Nintendo Switch hands-on review

The folks over at the INQ have reviewed the recently released Nintendo Switch. Portable console is one step closer to reality with the Switch.


  • Apple App Store prices rise in UK, India and Turkey

Apple prices in the App store depend on a variety of factors including exchange rate and taxes among other things. Naturally if a major shift happens in any of these, the prices should reflect that. So, Apple decided to match the number amount between GBP and USD and reportedly raise the prices in India, Turkey, Romania and Russia. This will result in a defacto price hike as, for example, the GBP is trading higher than the USD.


  • Caffeine may counter age-related inflammation

“We didn’t give some of the mice coffee and the others decaf. What we’ve shown is a correlation between caffeine consumption and longevity.” They found that certain inflamations that occur with age are caused by a protein produced in the body the mechanism of its action (inflammation) is countered by caffeine.


  • The launch of new and renewable energy projects in 2017

The renewable energy sector in Egypt has nowhere to go but up. Currently most solar installations are of the rooftop thermal solar (water heaters) which aren’t too sophisticated but they do supply hot water to the households that have it adding to a better way of life for the residents. Wind is present in the east of the country but total installed capacity there is almost 1GW. Without a clear feed-in tariff in place, the private sector will not be effective in expanding installed capacity.

  • Masdar Takes Stake in UK Floating Wind Farm Project

“Due to start commercial operation in late 2017, Hywind Scotland would be the world’s first floating offshore wind farm. It consists of five 6 MW floating wind turbines anchored to the seabed. The farm covers an area of around four-square kilometers.” The Abu Dhabi company bought 25% of the Hywind Scotland wind farm.

Startup news:

  • Measure raises $15 million to fly drones as a service for other companies

FDaaS? Awkward. But the idea isn’t as most drones need some skill to fly nicely and most of the cool drone footage online needs some serious skill, talent or both. But footage for online consumption isn’t the focus here. If a company wants to inspect something that requires a drone, these guys can help. $15M series B funding is not chump change.

  • Turkish payments startup Iyzico closes $13M Series C

A gut wrenching journey for this fintech startup that survived an attempted coup at the moment of its receiving of its most crucial license.


  • ISIS is dropping bombs with drones in Iraq

ISIS has already shown they know how to use modern tech to their advantage and peril for their victims. This time it isn’t social media or graphic videos with fancy visual effects and animations, it is drones, commercial off the shelf drones. Granted those tiny quad-copters can only carry so much but still, this is an escalation nonetheless.

  • Google Maps may soon show how difficult parking is near your destination

Going somewhere and are worried you won’t be able to park? Google is currently in beta rolling out a parking situation description for your destination. So far, some public places such as shopping centers and airports are getting descriptions accessible from a “P” symbol next to driving time. v9.44 beta for some users shows them descriptions and it clearly will be area specific. To follow the progress on this find, go here.

  • Microsoft Releases Xbox PIX Game Performance And Debugging Tool For Windows 10

We, at Tekqio, have often found that modern games seem to lack some level of performance optimization. That lack could sour the experience unless you have a bleeding edge system, maybe (Will it run Crysis?). When compared to modern game consoles, PCs often have greater hardware potential and yet, the games don’t seem to act like it. Console games must perform almost flawlessly or else what is the point in having the appliance? Developers have long had tools that help in the optimization process and MS has finally brought one of such tools to Windows 10. Beta of course but this means good news for PC gamers in the future, or so we hope.

  • Report: PC gaming hardware market expands to an all-time high

Asia-Pacific region driving most of this growth as it seems they don’t dig into the whole console thing. They loves them PCs it seems. As for the US and Western-Europe, those that do by PCs seem to tend to buy high-end hardware (which always comes with a premium). Still $30B is a massive amount of money.

  • Flying car prototype ready by end of 2017, says Airbus CEO

Airbus has been working on an Uber style autonomous flying car for people transport. They say they are talking this “development very seriously” and expect to have a running (flying?) prototype ready by year’s end. We, however, ask how loud will it be?

  • Seagate is Shutting Down One of Its Largest HDD Assembly Plants

“The factory, located in Suzhou, China, is one of the company’s largest HDD production epicenters…” SSDs are marching strong into the territory of the old magnetic media drives. This is to be expected considering that most laptops already ship with SSDs these days. More here.

  • Hackers Once Again Hijack Samsung’s SmartCam With iWatch Root Exploit

Samsung SmartCams were already hacked once before and instead of really fixing the problem, Samsung just disabled the venerable interface that was the problem. Now, these hackers were able to use a firmware update script still left on the camera where a bug in it gave the hackers full access by restoring the interface on the unit.

  • Google’s former head of search joins Uber to lead its maps division

Amit Singhal, former head of Google’s search division, will be joining Uber catching up with other ex-Googlers further bolstering a team that is all about maps. Uber wants to build a map of the entire world with the intention of using it for it’s autonomous vehicle efforts.

  • First Android Wear 2.0 devices revealed: Google and LG’s Watch Sport and Watch Style

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and LTE,GPS and NFC all on your wrist but this time from Google+LG. Running Android Wear 2.0 these units will be out by February 9 but the mockups look neat. Want the watch but also want to keep your real phone+number? The sport model can do untethered telephony. More here.

  • Nokia 6 sells out in a minute on launch day

Yep, you read that right. 1 minute. 60 Seconds. The preorders reached a million so clearly there is interest. 5.5″ 1080p, Spandragon 430 octacore, 4GB RAM, 3000mAh. Not bad.

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