Gboard for Android!; NES Classic sales maddness; Germany v Facebook; Tesla charges loitering


  • Google finally releases Gboard for Android, bringing search to the keyboard

Android users were jealous that Android’s mother has given something on the iOS platform that is better then what they have. Google finally released for Android the much praised Gboard. This can should be found at the Play Store at the time of this writing. What were you missing? Lots.

  • Samsung has reportedly finished its Galaxy Note 7 battery investigation

Samsung says, “We figured it out!”. That’s all. If you have a Galaxy Note 7, first of all, we hope you are OK. Second, Samsung is till going to make sure it will be crippled. Updates are rolling out to curb it’s functionality. More here.


  • NES Classic Edition sold 196,000 systems in November in the United States alone

Yep you read that right. The new old or old new console is selling like mad in the US and madder in Japan. It looks like this is the biggest point a gaming company could make regarding quality gaming. Game makers just don’t make them like they used to and most just focus on pretty graphics and effects. Fun could come in all forms and it looks like when the tools were limited, programmers could focus on fun a lot more than visuals.

  • Home routers under attack in ongoing malvertisement blitz

One word,  steganography. That is the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video (Thanks Wikipedia for putting it so elegantly). In this case the package is delivered from an image Ad and through that alters the router’s DNS settings. This in turn would send your computers to places they aren’t supposed to go, need I go on? More detail here.

  • U.S. Election Assistance Commission Hacked

Opening excerpt: “Threat intelligence researchers have discovered that a Russian-speaking hacker broke into the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) systems, and has been trying to sell stolen access credentials — including admin-level — on the underground.”
This is actually not as serious as it implies directly yet indirectly, some serious work needs to be done on the IT side of the US gov. was already an embarrassment, The DNC, and now this.

  • Facebook’s drone test flight ended with part of the wing snapping off

In mid 2016, Facebook did a test flight for it’s “Free Internet for All!” drone that was expected to last 30 minutes into the test. Feeling confident after the test duration they thought “What the heck, lets keep it up there an hour longer.” When it finally came in for landing, a section of the right wing broke off. The test flight was not some amateur balloon release, the NTSB was in on the investigation and released its report on the issue. The intriguing thing is that at the time, FB was happy to announce the flight as a “success” and downplayed the cause as well as buried it in their then issued material on the subject.

Tech policy:

  • Germany Threatens to Fine Facebook Over Hate Speech

The Germans are nervous they’d get their version of Trump in their coming election. Or something to that effect. Germany has a history with this sort of thing (ahem, third reich) so I guess they have a special sensitivity towards the matter. Anyways, they have general elections coming up and they want FB to defense and handle due diligence regarding fake posts/news. Already the team setup in Berlin for this feels overstretched according to this news piece. There are fines mentioned as well, big fines. This should get interesting.


  • Tesla introduces fee for lazy owners who leave their cars at Supercharger stations

You will be charged if you leave your charged car at the charger. Once charged, you must leave or you’ll be charged $2 for the first 5 mins. Simple.

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