TCL buys BB; STC scoops tenth of Careem; Egypt softens to Mobile money; Algebra closes 40$M fund


  • Chinese company TCL buys global rights to BlackBerry phone brand

TCL has already built the last two BB phones, why not just buy the brand? That is exactly what they did. BB on the other hand will focus more on the service and apps side of the mobile universe. More here.


  • Saudi Telecom board approves $100 mln Careem stake buy

STC already has a piece of the Careem pie and now it wants more. But if 10% means $100M, then the company is worth ten times that much. More here.

  • macOS FileVault2 Password Retrieval

Red alert! It isn’t enough to have a password on your Mac and think your data is safe. Using a clever piece of thunderbolt kit ($300 though) your FileVault2 password could be retrieved in plain text even if your Mac is snoozing. The irony is the exploit was demonstrated using the device and a Windows machine. Thankfully Apple’s December updates fix this. Learn more here.

  • Facebook Details Its New Plan To Combat Fake News Stories

A lot of attention was given to fake news during the last US election and a lot of fingers are pointing towards the social media giant as most the that fake news was spread across it. Facebook is a social media company but they are not in the news business. To stem the tide of criticism, the company is going to setup a team of fact checkers in partnership with a couple of traditional news organizations as well as digital media diligence orgs. But that will only come into gear when users themselves flag news stories they think are baloney.

  • Redux: compromising Linux using… SNES Ricoh 5A22 processor opcodes?!

Catchy title, no? If you use an SNES emulator in Chrome on Fedora 25 or Ubuntu 16.04LTS, this guy has found a way to break out of that mold and execute things he shouldn’t. Feed your security anxieties here.

  • Explaining the battery life problems with the new MacBook Pros

Users were complaining that their shiny new MacBook Pros were not really lasting as long as the remaining charge indicator said they would. After complaints from customers, Apple updated the OS doing away with the indicator. Obviously, the units still don’t last as long as customers were made to believe. Ars digs deeper.

  • Architects and Engineers Shove a Lightsaber Through the Death Star’s Bad Design

Geek out on this piece on how the IRL force can mess with your Death Star dreams.

Tech Policy:

  • Egypt loosens rules on mobile money

Need to pay bills? Need to pay the plumber that fixed your leaky faucet? Need to pay your cleaning man/lady? Need to play installments? These are all things that happen everyday in any modern busy economy. However, some of this happens without the “powers that be” knowing anything about. You won’t write a check or use plastic just to get sandwiches from the food cart, are you? The CBE hopes you’ll use your Mobile for any of the above just to watch your every move. Just kidding. Decisions need to be made with good knowledge and when too many transactions happen without documentation for study, it becomes dicey. Riddled with guesswork.

  • You can no longer be sued for leaving negative reviews online

The Consumer Review Fairness Act was signed into law by President Obama allowing customers to give negative reviews and just basically speak their mind without being harassed or intimidated by the business. This gives reviewers more legal protection.

  • Google, Apple, Uber, IBM Say They Would Not Help Build A Muslim Registry

President-Elect Donald Trump has publicly commented about a registry for Muslims in the US. In a modern government you’d expect computers to play a role in something like this and Google, Apple, Uber and IBM said they’re not helping on this one.

Startup news:

  • Algebra Ventures closes new $40M fund

Startups will stop humming if funding dries out. Algebra Ventures believes that the Egyptian economy will benefit a great deal from investing in tech startups in particular. That is why they have announced they closed $40M with hopes to push another $10M before the end of the year. Get your investment tickets there ranging from $500K to $4M.

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